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Among south Asian nations India looms large, while its neighbours still look west, but Rob Coppinger finds the region is increasingly in Asia Pacific’s orbit
Oil prices look to be heading back from record lows – but what does this mean for air cargo operators? Helen Massy-Beresford finds out
A rise in e-commerce is changing the landscape for airlines, forwarders, postal operators. Ian Putzger finds out more
A growing Chinese middle class means more demand for express services – and operators will look to narrowbody conversions to meet it. Kerry Reals reports
Switzerland-based Panalpina is looking to increase its presence in the growing perishables sector and offset a gas and oil business that has been slowing


Helen Massy-Beresford
The September issue of Airline Cargo Management is a snapshot of an industry in full evolution

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Global Shippers’ Forum and Cargo i... bookmark

Shippers and industry will work together to promote the adoption of Cargo iQ’s Master Operating Plan (MOP) and share information to ensure shippers’ needs are met.

Turkish Airlines, Turkish Cargo and ... bookmark

Turkish Cargo, the air freight arm of Turkish Airlines, the airline flying to the highest number of international destinations in the world, has been awarded IATA’s ‘Center of Excellence for Independent Validators’ (CEIV) in Pharmaceutical Logistics at its Istanbul hub.