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Growth of e-commerce has accelerated considerably, presenting huge opportunities to an air cargo industry only now climbing out of a period of stagnation, says Kerry Reals
After years of slow growth in the aftermath of the global financial crisis, the worldwide air freight market is finally bouncing back, and the Europe-Asia trade lane is at the forefront, as Rob Coppinger discovers
Seabury Consulting’s annual analysis in conjunction with Airline Cargo Management shows an air cargo industry enjoying strong growth, driven by a variety of sectors and regions, as Marco Bloemen and Julia de Meij explain
Airline Cargo Management speaks with Graham Witton, Managing Director, Antonov Airlines
A recent run of acquisitions by logistics specialists shows the potential for the perishables sector, as Ian Putzger discovers


Helen Massy-Beresford
The December issue of Airline Cargo Management exploresan industry raring to go, and after a lengthy spell inthe doldrums, things are finally looking much morestraightforwardly positive for air cargo operators

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Animals displaced by Irma flown to n... bookmark

Over the past few months Air Charter Service has been involved in numerous flights in the wake of the devastating hurricanes in Florida and the surrounding areas, but possibly none quite as heart-warming as flying displaced rescue animals to their new homes after they were evacuated from Florida

Brussels Airport passes 500,000 ton ... bookmark

On December 7th Brussels Airport passed the milestone of 500,000 tons of flown cargo

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Autonomous freight drones: a revolution in air cargo?