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Volume 14, June 2015 | Contents

Freighters seek pharma highs bookmark
A growing number of freighter operators are eyeing Basel’s pharmaceutical market, while others are seeking certification. But are volumes sufficient to satisfy all? Ian Putzger reports
The feel-good factor bookmark
India has long been on many companies’ wishlists, but has never quite managed to unlock its potential. Now, with the government’s Make in India campaign and a boom in e-commerce, Jet Airways is looking to get its first freighter in the air, with more potentially on the way, as Alex Lennane discovers
Turkish delights bookmark
Often referred to as the fourth Middle Eastern carrier, Turkish Airlines has grown revenues five-fold since 2010, and the country’s government has ambitious logistical plans. But Turkey’s geographical benefits are offset by the cons of being in the midst of a region in crisis. Combined with a weakening economy, is the airline still well-placed to grow? Martin Rivers talks to senior vice president, Ali Turk
June 2015