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Volume 14, June 2015 | Contents

Leading lights – June 2015 bookmark
Sebastiaan Scholte, Chief executive officer, Jan de Rijk Logistics
Sebastiaan Scholte was born in 1970 in Groningen, the Netherlands. After studying Economics and Business Administration at Rotterdam College, he began his cargo aviation career in 1997 working in Mexico City for Aeromexpress, the cargo division of Aeromexico and Mexicana.
Through new glasses bookmark
Air cargo has been slow to embrace new technologies, but with forward-looking companies such as DHL aiming to turn innovation into a competitive advantage, and with IATA launching a new award, the industry is slowly progressing, finds Ian Putzger
Through the portal bookmark
By the end of 2015, the air cargo industry will – nearly – have reached the halfway point on air waybills, with 45% of them being delivered electronically. The greatest strides have not been taken independently, with many of the leading companies making the move due to localised stakeholder action at individual airports. Alex Lennane reports
Tried & tested bookmark
As airports and air cargo communities consider a cooperative approach to e-freight, Airline Cargo Management asks Luc Scheidel, commercial director at Cargonaut, and Patrick Murray, head of Calogi, what the key issues are
June 2015