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Volume 15, June 2016 | Contents

Cutting the paper bookmark
E-freight adoption is moving more slowly than anticipated – but while initiatives like eAWB360 will help encourage faster progress, it is down to operators and their customers to change their mindset from paper to digital. Kerry Reals reports
Good pharma bookmark
The air logistics industry knows it has a challenge ahead to increase the proportion of temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical goods that are transported by air
Leading Lights - June 2016 bookmark
Dane Anderson, FAST Global Solutions President and CEO
Dane Anderson presided over WASP Inc’s acquisition of FAST Manufacturing last year – resulting in the newly-merged businesses being renamed FAST Global Solutions.
No mission impossible bookmark
Alan Kennedy explains how emergency logistics services keep the air freight industry free from turbulence
Truck racing bookmark
A single market for the ASEAN countries is a big step forward for cargo flows
June 2016