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Times are changing

TIACA has positioned itself as the industry voice for stakeholders across the supply chain. Here, Doug Britten, secretary general, outlines the association’s achievements so far and its aims for the future

There are signs of better times ahead for us in the air cargo industry, but we still face many challenges which require us all to innovate and work together. The International Air Cargo Association (TIACA) is uniquely placed to support that need because it represents all of the stakeholders in the air freight supply chain.


Security, sustainability, e-freight, plus the search for a talented new generation of leaders are just some of the core issues the industry is having to tackle.


Security protocols continue to evolve. Since the Yemen printer cartridge incident in October 2010 there has been a particular focus on the development of advance data regimes and programmes, with pilot schemes either started or planned for shipments into the US and EU.


TIACA believes there is a critical need for global standards; there are numerous issues for industry and regulators to discuss and jointly resolve.


We will continue to work across all regulatory sectors on behalf of the industry to help lower the barriers in understanding the complexities of these programmes, as Customs and Civil Aviation authorities become more closely interwoven.


In pursuit of this, we have to make sure we are delivering a common message to regulators and quasi-regulatory bodies so they understand the broader impact of their decisions – not only on industry matters, but also the wider economy.


At TIACA, a key part of our role is to make sure legislators and regulators understand the valuable role air cargo plays in world trade. With 35% of global trade by value moving by air – goods worth $6.4 trillion a year – we must ensure they are fully aware of the potential impact of their actions.


In 2013, we saw that it is possible for international agreement on key issues facing the aviation industry. At the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) general assembly in Montreal, 191 countries made the decision to develop a global market-based measure for aviation emissions from 2020.


This is a major breakthrough in the development of global standards for the industry and one that we will continue to aggressively support.


We are starting to see the benefits of close cooperation as one of the founding members of the Global Air Cargo Advisory Group (GACAG). With our committee colleagues from FIATA, the Global Shippers’ Forum and IATA, we have been consulting with industry heads in order to agree a work programme, as well as establish task forces to help find solutions.


The last few months have seen some very positive results to our work with regulators on security issues. In June the US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) announced it was lifting requirements for air cargo screening reports, less than a year after we called for the regulation to be axed in a letter to TSA chief John S. Pistole. >>

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