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Cargo evolution

In the June issue of Airline Cargo Management, we talk to Alaska Air Cargo about what lies ahead

In the June issue of Airline Cargo Management, we talk to Alaska Air Cargo about what lies ahead. The company is bracing itself for a second transformation, following on from a strategic shift a few years ago when it extended its reach to bring Hawaii, Mexico and Caribbean destinations into the fold. What lies ahead for the operator? 


We also talk to Crane Worldwide Logistics about the forwarder’s plans for growth.


This issue touches on some big global issues – ones that have implications far beyond the air cargo industry. 


First there’s cyber security: a 2015 survey by consultancy PwC found 85% of airline CEOs are concerned about the subject, compared with 61% of CEOs in other industries – a sobering thought, but what are operators doing to protect themselves in the face of this risk? Is air cargo particularly at risk and is the industry’s response enough to keep the sector safe?


We look at the impact of fuel price evolution and surcharges on the cargo business, and ask whether the impact on trade of decisions made by the new US administration could derail the gathering momentum of transatlantic trade, fuelled by perishables, pharmaceuticals and fashion.


President Donald Trump has prioritised withdrawing from the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal and renegotiating the North American Free Trade Agreement – what will this mean for the air cargo industry? And on the other side of the pond, what impact will Brexit have on business? 


This issue takes an in-depth look at the transportation of pharmaceuticals by air and ask what is driving the increasing demand. We also lift the lid on the world of outsize cargo, and discover what operators in that specialist niche are using to fill the gap left by declines in activity in the oil and gas sector. 


On the aircraft side, we explore what’s next for freighter conversions and find a new generation of narrowbodies on the horizon. And in Africa, we consider the growing demand for perishables exports and find out whether planned investment in infrastructure to cater to that demand is enough. 

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