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Leading lights - Lyndon Faulkner

Airline Cargo Management speaks with Lyndon Faulkner, President and Chief Executive Officer of Pelican Products

Before joining Pelican, Lyndon Faulkner played an integral role in the launch of the Compact Disc (CD) and the Digital Video Disc (DVD) in the music, computer and movie industries, working for companies including Technicolor/Nimbus CD International and the Microsoft Corporation. Since Faulkner joined Pelican in 2006, the company has realised a 400% sales increase following an aggressive strategy of acquisitions and international expansion. It now operates directly in 23 countries.


Among other strategic steps under Faulkner’s leadership, the company introduced a line of temperature-controlled transport cases for the pharmaceutical industry, going on to acquire manufacturers in the UK, Europe and North America, and brought Minnesota Thermal Science and Cool Logistics together to create Pelican BioThermal – the largest temperature-controlled case manufacturer in the world. Most recently, Faulkner restructured Pelican Products into three separate divisions – Commercial/Government, Consumer and BioThermal. 


Born and educated in Wales, UK, Faulkner trained as an engineer. He now lives in Los Angeles.


What are you most proud of achieving at Pelican Products? 


Pelican has done an extremely good job in building an organisation with organic innovation, and couple that with very shrewd and astute acquisitions.


How do you see the business evolving in the years to come? 


What we’re finding is that one of the things we’re benefitting from is that we’re a global organisation and we tend to work with global companies. What we’re finding is that we’re being asked to provide more services. Instead of just selling a range of large pallet-sized temperature-controlled cases, companies want us to give them the case, they’ll use it to transport their drugs, we’re then taking the product back, checking the integrity and reconditioning it to give back to them for the next shipment. So we’re moving significantly more towards being a service provider rather than just a seller. We’re right in the middle of creating service centres all over the world: Asia, mainland Europe, the UK – we have them across North America.


Are there any new markets that you’re particularly interested in cracking?


In the last 12 months we’ve created service centres in Minnesota, Singapore, Canada, one in Allentown, Pennsylvania, one just outside London in Leighton Buzzard, and we are just adding more in Asia. Our latest service centres are in Brussels and a large one in Puerto Rico. I think as we look at what we have created this year we are well covered but I certainly know of customers, for example in the US, who want us in certain cities where we are not and we are looking at that in partnership with them now. 


What’s the biggest lesson your career has taught you? 


I would say that change is inevitable. Look at my experience – the CD was in every household across the world at one point and you wouldn’t find a CD player now 15 years on. For me it’s about having an organisation that is flexible to change and frankly where I’m at and where I’d like to be is using innovation to drive change, being in front of that curve. I think that shows in our product launches, we’re definitely coming out with groundbreaking products. We’re coming out with more evolution and more innovations – making products that sell well and are even better for tomorrow. That’s something we do and that all companies should do. 


Can you outline an area of business that you are particularly pleased with? 


US companies can tend to be US-centric. We wanted a global approach to all our business and now more than 30% of that business comes from outside the United States. The people side too – watching people develop these programmes and then be charged to deliver on them and to achieve that – it has been wonderful to see that. >>

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