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Rising star – Fedor Novikov

Fedor Novikov, 26, was nominated by Celine Hourcade, manager, Cargo Industry Management, IATA

What’s your job title?

I’m head of product development at AirBridgeCargo (ABC) Airlines.


Do you have training/under or post-graduate education in this area?

I do, I have finished post-graduate studies at Moscow State University of Civil Aviation and plan to finish my PhD thesis in early 2015.


When and where did you start in the air cargo industry?

Between 2004 and 2005, the last two years of my degree course, I combined studies with work at an airfreight broker company. It was here that I got acquainted with the basics of the airfreight business. Later, I developed a logistics chain for a manufacturing company. With all my roles, I was always concerned with airfreight and I think it’s really important to see the business from many angles.


How or why did you get into this industry?

As with many people working in aviation, I really enjoy looking at planes. At the age of about 11 I flew in the cockpit for the first time – I knew from that moment my life would be related to aviation.


What were your first impressions of this industry – and have they lasted?

I always thought, even before starting a career in this industry, that airfreight was the most innovative business – I was partly right. Airfreight is a real leader in developing and using new technologies, but it is also one of the most conservative industries when it comes to the main principles of business operations.


What interests you about airfreight?

Being on the frontline of the progress of airfreight around the world must be about the process of improving procedures, as well as implementing new technologies and services. A lot of things are still to be done. The progress the industry is experiencing throws down new challenges every day.


What do you think the industry needs to be better at?

Although all parties in the industry are open and ready for cooperation, there remains no unification in the processes of standardisation. This is very important, especially if we want to succeed at all the industry goals defined by IATA – including the implementation of e-freight and cutting delivery times by 48 hours.


Why do you think you have done well so far in your job?

Our service quality improvement is one of the achievements I can be proud of, but the really significant indicator for me is being trusted to represent ABC in IATA workgroups.


What are you doing this week?

This week seems to be a standard one: managing the preparations for an audit; revising the procedures needed for new product implementation; branding issues; and checking for any irregularities in the quality of provided services.


What have you been putting off?

One of my hobbies is marathon running, but my schedule at the moment is stopping me from training. But I’m sure it’s a short-term thing and I’ll be able to continue soon.


What’s your favourite part of the job?

The most interesting part is finding a new way to develop new products, or to solve problems. It’s the creative part of the job that I like.


And your least favourite?

Having to refuse to join new, interesting projects due to lack of time.


What are your aims for the coming year?

I’d like to develop at least one new product, implement e-AWBs on several routes and continue to improve the quality of our services. And, of course, to finish my thesis and maybe run a marathon.


Do you expect to stay long term in this industry?

Certainly – I think the only thing that would make me leave is if I was chosen to be on the first flight to Mars! 

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