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The September issue of MRO Management is now online

Posted on 28 September 2017


The September issue of MRO Management is now online


In our autumn issue we look at promising developments at Turkish Technic, which has been enjoying significant growth since the opening of its HABOM facility, back in 2014. In addition to new contracts with parent airline Turkish Airlines and the Turkish Air Force, it is undertaking major projects with operators in the Middle East, Far East and the US.

We speak with two aerospace paint manufacturers and assess their differing approaches to training. Mankiewicz operates across multiple industrial sectors, providing trainee painters with comprehensive education and introducing old hands to new technologies and procedures. Sherwin-Williams is similarly customer-focused, with bespoke design courses, and specialist training for individual products, including base coat/clear coat finishes and cutting-edge composite materials.

Inside the cabin, more data are being captured than ever, and operators are using this as an opportunity to predict maintenance failures before they can occur. With increasingly sophisticated analytics, and lower costs at every stage of the process, making efficient use of this data will likely be key to producing effective solutions, going forward.

Advancements in technology are also changing the way airport hangars operate. Butzbach has earned a reputation for innovations in hangar door technology, such as the creative combination of aluminium framing and fibreglass, which allows natural light to flood the hangar.


Also in this issue:


Under wraps
A nacelle not only protects its engine, but also acts as an acoustic damper, reduces drag and increases fuel efficiency. Safran and Aeroconsult weigh in on the intricate maintenance procedures involved in their upkeep

Keep on going
After more than thirty years in production, the ATR family of aircraft remain popular, particularly with airlines operating from remote locations. Providing maintenance for these isolated aircraft can be a challenge, but the family’s enduring success means an MRO facility is never far away

Composite core
Advances in composite technology have given manufacturers more options to improve the passenger experience. Thermoforming in particular allows these new materials to hold greater aesthetic appeal and last longer than those used in older aircraft

Cutting edge
The BLADE project aims to use Natural Laminar Flow to create modular wing sections with improved aerodynamism, ensuring reduced drag and a smoother flight for passengers

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